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Professional transfer paper OEM & ODM Factory

Professional transfer paper manufacturer.

Heat transfer paper brand incubator. 

Online and offline platform operation support provider. 

Global heat transfer paper marketing expert.

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Great ODM Factory
Great ODM Factory

Our Service Is For Your Option

Winner Transfer is committed to sharing win-win results with our brand strategic partners in order to help partners quickly invest in online and offline sales and bring greater profits to enterprises with brand, R & D, e-commerce, design and marketing experience.

Winner Transfer Brand Design

1. Brand content design support

Brand content design support includes (logo layout design, color page design, packaging design, product master picture and auxiliary picture design, product marketing video design, festival marketing text and graphics content design).                           



Winner Transfer E-commerce guidance

2. E-commerce operation guidance

 Includes product selection guidance (select hot styles for platform), brand positioning (price guidance), brand temperature positioning (choose different colors and styles pictures, design templates to reflect the brand temperature).



Winner Transfer Soild marketing guidance

3. Three-dimensional marketing guidance

Global multi-platforms and multi-sites three-dimensional marketing guidance includes (cost control and proportion, advertising investment and output, realization of current and future profits of products, brand popularity building, and skills of core purchasing achievement).

Our products

Preferred Products for Brand Building  

and E-commerce hot style

Compatible Transfer Paper 6.0 (light) 

Revolutionary upgrade version of T-shirt trans fer paper. Compatible with both inkjet & laser printers. Support professional fine cutting. Non-mirror transfer, easy to operate .The transferred image permeates into the fabric completely. Comfortable to wear, super thin and breathable. Suitable for business and home customers



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Compatible waterslide decal paper 2.0 of no bake (clear)

Waterslide decal paper revolutionary upgrade version. Easy transfer without bake. ·Compatible with both inkjet & laser printers. No bake, wider application range. Easy to operate, quick separation of base film. Curved corners can also be easily transferred. Strong fit, wear-resistance and scratch-resistance

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Compatible Transfer Paper 6.0 (Dark)

Compatible with both inkjet & laser printers. Support professional fine cutting. 200% tension without cracking. Anti-oxidation coating, no fading Wash durable for more than 33 times.




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Laser no cut waterslide decal paper 3.0( clear,self-weeding)

Upgrade version of no cut and waterslide decal paper. Transferred image presents traceless and hollow effect. Perfectly restore your design creativity. Natural fit, strong adhesion. Suitable for all inkjet printers.


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Classic Glow-in-dark inkjet transfer paper 1.0(blue light)

Inkjet glow in dark transfer paper is a special effect derivative product of our dark transfer paper, using PU eco-friendly transfer film, super soft and breathable after transfer. Suitable for all night scenes, including bars, cinemas, parties, dance halls, etc. Continuous long-term luminaition.


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Compatible Tattoo Paper 5.0(compatible for both inkjet and laser printers)

Easy DIY personalized tattoo. Safe and non-toxic, non-allergic. Light, thin, breathable and wash durable. Easy to operate and suitable for all ages. Can be used all year round. You can tattoo whatever you want.


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Build your own transfer paper brand

Why build brand?

Brand is the trend of The Times! No brand, no logo, the company will become more and more difficult! Any product, any platform or any sales model is likely to fall into the abyss of price war with competitors or peers.If you want to do long-term business in the transfer paper and e-commerce retail industry, brand is the necessary way out.

  • Possess your own brand products
  • Hold the pricing right of your own products
  • Stable and lasting profit margin
  • Avoid hostile competition from peers
  • Build private brand agents
  • Have stable dealer channels
  • Enjoy the premium that brand brings
  • Create online and offline sales layout
Successful e-commerce customer cases

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